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The Board Practice

The Board Practice at Johnson Partners exists for a clear purpose – to help boards improve their performance through good governance and outstanding composition.

Our services are designed to assist clients to understand and implement good corporate governance. They include:

  • Board Advice – on the structure and composition of the board
  • Board Performance Evaluations – reviewing the individual and collective contributions to the board
  • Board Search – Identifying skills needed for the board and finding the best possible candidates for consideration.

The Board Practice is one of the country’s pre eminent board practices, having successfully operated for more than 20 years. This specialist area within Johnson Partners focuses exclusively on board recruitmentgovernance advice and board performance.

With a track record that includes over 500 Independent Chair and Director appointments and over 250 board reviews, we understand what makes the difference between a functional and an outstanding board.  We have available an outstanding range of capability and experience that allows us to build teams for specific assignments, ensuring useful outcomes.

What sets Johnson Partners’ Board Practice apart from other advisers, board consultants, recruitment agencies and association or government director registers?


The depth of our experience as board consultants and advisers would be hard to beat.  We have an enviable position in the board advisory market and have broad and deep experience across sectors, industries and jurisdictions.


We are a truly independent board practice, operating from a solid base of an established private owned search consultant, consulting service, specialising in non-executive work.

Client Sensitive

We are particularly attuned to client needs, meaning that we offer tailored solutions, no boilerplates and construct teams of expertise to meet your needs.



  • ADVICE on matters related to Corporate Governance

    We are able to assist with a range of issues relating to the composition, operation and improvement of board practice and have developed substantial expertise and resource materials over our 20+ years in business.

    A few examples of services in this area include:

    • Working with a new board to establish a suitable framework for operations.
    • Assisting a board with the process and use of a system of performance review for a CEO.
    • Working with new board members on the essentials of corporate governance and requirements of directorship.
    • Preparing options for the future structure and composition of a board
    • Developing long term succession plans for boards to align with strategic directions.
  • Board Search

    We have developed and maintain a lasting reputation for identifying high quality and suitably qualified candidates for a broad range of boards.

    We operate a powerful database of candidates that provides an initial source of discussion with our clients and allows us to confirm and clarify the core requirements, behaviours, qualifications and conflicts that are relevant for the search.

    Beyond this, we have a highly sophisticated research capacity, excellent contacts and networks across boards in Australia and New Zealand, and a reputation for creativity and analytical ability that allows us to identify candidates from ‘outside the square’.

    All of our candidate shortlists include a diversity of qualified people to encourage the client to consider real options for improving the quality of board composition. To view a checklist around the requirements of a search process and other related material, visit our Board Resources.

    Our recruitment services are charged on a set fee basis, which is negotiated with the client prior to commencement. This fee is dependent on the remuneration paid for the position, the scope of search required and the extent of assistance required from Johnson Partners.

    Our Director Search services are charged on a set fee basis, which is agreed with the client prior to commencement. This fee is dependent on the remuneration paid for the position; the scope of search required; and the extent of assistance required from Johnson Partners.

    Our services can range from a market scan to inform succession planning to a full search service with advice on appointment and remuneration. For unpaid board roles,  we  negotiate acceptable fees, in line with the charter and objects of the organisation.

  • Board Review

    In acknowledgment of the differences between operating environments for boards, we have developed a flexible framework that allows tailoring to organisational needs while retaining core data (Benchmarks) and results to make meaningful comparisons.

    ​Overall Board Performance

    Our framework seeks to answer four key questions for every review we conduct:

    • What are the key functions and responsibilities of this board?
    • Who is on this board and why?
    • How well does this board go about its business?
    • When does this board make a difference?

    Our approach can accommodate a review of board members only or one that involves senior management, shareholders and customers/suppliers. Review results are presented back to the board with recommendations for action. For some of our clients this has meant the beginning of an ongoing process of board development, for others it has meant a confirmation of the existing approach to board operations.

    Individual Director Contributions

    Increasingly, boards are interested in individual contributions to overall board performance, and we have built a model to complete these reviews in absolute confidence and in a way that integrates fully with our ‘whole of board’ model. Again, we use a framework and tailor the detail of the approach to the particular situation.​

    • What does this director bring to the board?
    • How well are their contributions received by the board?
    • When do their interactions contribute to the overall performance?
    • Does this director practice good governance?

    ​As a result of an individual director review, each director would receive a personal assessment and a full set of reviews would be made available to the Chair for discussion.

    These reviews may be conducted in person, by ‘phone or on-line for a confidential and efficient result. Responses may be gathered from individuals or from group discussions. We are available to assist with implementation of recommendations and to work with boards on an ongoing basis.


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