Our New Home – A reinvention of the Traditional Workspace

Our team was welcomed into a spectacular new Sydney headquarters last month. And what a remarkable space it is!

The pandemic has accelerated the hybrid concept of working from home, so we created a space which provides a comforting embrace – warm and intimate – akin to a domestic setting. The perfect space for collaboration and innovation.

In this new space, the city view becomes the bonus and interactions the main act.  The circular feature lighting fixtures hand at considerably lover levels than the exposed ceiling and Louis Pulsen sconces line the corridor wall in couplets to create warm golden auras at head height.

“Inspired by Ken Adams’ James Bond set designs – including Scaramanga’s island lair carved into rocky outcrops and the integrated furnishings within Moonraker’s Drax Industry Space Station – sculpted depths of saturated drama replace the sobriety of conventional corporate high-rise offices within. ”

The spatial strategy is non-hierarchical, reflecting the egalitarian ethos of the Johnson Partners brand.  Circles and concave embraces including a rendered wall with elongated apertures cocooning a meeting table enhance fluid navigation around our open plan office.

Already nominated for numerous awards, the space came to life through the amazing work of Yasmine Ghoniem and Anastasia Nicolau of YSG Studio, and was executed by Joseph Gordon and Marc Sazdanoff and the amazing team at Promena Projects Pty Ltd Thanks to Felicity Ng for styling and Prue Ruscoe for the amazing photography. A big thank you to Tiffany Cowdrey from our team for bringing the project to life.

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