Caretakers Cottage Christmas Party

The Johnson Partners team were proud to host the Christmas Party for Caretakers Cottage last week.

We are privileged to have shared a 10 year association with Laurie Matthews, Founder and CEO, of the refuge and are always amazed by the potential, strength, and resilience of the amazing kids who are, or have been, residents.

Caretakers Cottage is dedicated to helping kids in crisis, and teaching them the skills they need to succeed. It all started some 40 years ago when Caretakers founded one of the very first youth refuges in New South Wales, and in time, helping to complete transform the way society cares for homeless youth. Caretakers Cottage provides a comprehensive approach to youth homelessness, assisting young people and their families through times of crisis. Caretakers Cottage is a registered charity and you can help make a difference in the life of a child by choosing to donate to your favourite project, including the #HomelessKidsMatter Mobile App, Aboriginal Youth Program, “Colour My Voice” (Art Program), or their Living Skills Program. You can learn more about the work Caretakers Cottage do here.

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