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We’re the number 1 provider of Executive Search in New Zealand

  • Johnson Partners are the leading independent providers of high-quality executive search to New Zealand and Australia. Our bespoke approach to executive search is grounded in the understanding that every placement opportunity is unique, requiring careful consideration and a fastidious selection process to ensure the presented candidates are the perfect fit for your organisational needs.

    We work closely with you, taking the time to understand your specific placement requirements and desired candidate attributes, tailoring our executive search to the specific needs of your organisation. Our New Zealand based executive search team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with extensive sector and operational expertise, offering the experience, balance, and perspective required for a successful selection process.

    Johnson Partners’ streamlined executive search process provides the fastest turnaround times in New Zealand. Our average turnaround of 70 days from engagement to placement is almost half the 2021 executive search industry average of 122 days. Our fast executive search turnarounds are backed by a strong performance record with a 99% retention rate for candidates placed by Johnson Partners in the last 5 years.

    As recipients of the Inaugural Global Idea Award for Diversity and Inclusion in 2021, we are committed to engaging diverse talent, with 66% of our executive search placements being female and 22% being from culturally diverse backgrounds.

    To find out how Johnson Partners’ award winning New Zealand executive search services can help you find the executive you need, contact our specialist team today.

What is Executive Search in New Zealand?

  • Executive search is the professional process of matching carefully selected executive candidates with your New Zealand based business. Our team of specialist executive search Partners work closely with your organisation to develop a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs and required candidate attributes. Using their deep sector knowledge and industry experience, our Partners go to market to carefully match high performing executive candidates with your business based on their skills, experience and capabilities.

Why should I use Johnson Partners for Executive Search in New Zealand?

  • Our award-winning New Zealand executive search team has over 40 years of experience matching executive candidates to organisations. Throughout this time, our specialist Partners have developed specific skills and garnered the experience that provides a deep understanding of what it takes to find experienced and qualified candidates that meet your specific organisational requirements.

    Our bespoke approach to executive search allows your organisation to bypass the cumbersome process of trawling through hundreds of CVs in the hope of finding the right fit. Instead, our Partners can immediately shortlist candidates who are specialists in their field. We cultivate productive professional relationships that provide access to a wide range of industry leaders, allowing us to select from a high performing pool of business leaders. Johnson Partners will find you the cream of the crop!

    Johnson Partners offers the fastest executive search turnaround times in New Zealand, with a 99% retention rate for our candidates over the last 5 years. Our proven approach to executive search will ensure you not only find the right candidate – but keep them!

How does Executive Search work?

  • We have developed an award-winning approach to executive search in New Zealand with a strong performance record, fast turnaround times and 99% retention rate. We achieve this through our proven 7 step system ensuring your organisation is matched with high-performing business leaders that meet the specific needs of your business.

    1. Engagement
      We will meet with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements and ensure we are a good fit for each other.
    2. Position profiling
      If you consider Johnson Partners a good fit, we will start by preparing a position profile in collaboration with your organisation to ensure we are seeking the right person.
    3. Long list
      Once approved we will go to the market to identify the best candidates through our rigorous pre-qualification processes. This includes an in-person interview to assess soft skills and a ensure only the best candidates are presented to your organisation.
    4. Short list
      We send you a specialised candidate shortlist including relevant experience, our professional recommendations and a candidate report. These reports are more detailed than a resume as they are prepared specifically against your organisational needs and include recommendations on which candidates we think best meet your key criteria and will be most suitable for your organisational culture.
    5. Client Interviews
      If you consider any of the presented candidates to be suitable, we will arrange interviews to progress the process. If not, our specialist partners will go back to market to find more suitable candidates, repeating this process until the position is filled.
    6. Offer stage
      Once a suitable candidate is selected, we verify their qualifications, references and perform a background check and digital audit. Once this completed, we concierge them into the new role, working closely with you and in line with your onboarding processes to ensure a smooth transition.
    7. Feedback and learning loop
      To ensure optimum performance and a good fit, we perform regular review meetings with you at three, six and nine months to ensure the engagement remains suitable for all parties.

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